“All-in-one dart and seal”, never again buy two expensive pieces that may not even match.
“One-size-fits-all”, the unit fits all sized valves and locking plates used in the industry.
“Low cost”, current units being used are up to a 500% more expensive than ours plus we provide a free tracking and reporting system.
Polymer unit withstands extreme temperatures, has UV protection, and is tested for durability.


Reduces costs by improving the speed, efficiencies, and reporting of all removals and installs.
Increases the security and control in the activities related with valves, tanks, and containers.
Tracks and eliminates the errors and delays that are common with non-automated systems.
Delivers real-time info back to the home office every day, preventing incorrect data or late data.

The current antiquated method of sealing valves welcomes pumpers and haulers to be “creative” and/or lazy resulting in inappropriate seals and these improper practices can lead to an unsafe work environment, errors, and potentially a hazardous situation. NoDart seal prevents pumpers and haulers from being “creative” by using the wrong darts in the wrong valve, and also prevents the most common issue—using a seal and no dart.

There are law firms and government agencies whose sole business model and profits rely on fining and suing oil and gas companies. These law firms and agencies target oil companies and go out of their way to find oil companies that are non-compliant. 
NoDart System helps prevent improper sealing and tracking, which in turn helps prevent fines and lawsuits.

Saves Time
Pumpers and haulers can throw a NoDart into their bags and go. It doesn’t matter what valves they come upon during their routes. “One and Done.” NoDart saves time for the company’s stocker, and for pumpers and haulers because they don’t have to plan what darts they are going to need to stock or bring in the trucks.

Saves Money
Pumpers and haulers often lose darts on the way to the wells. Pumpers and haulers 
no longer have to drive back to their office or the store to get the appropriate dart. No longer have to waste money buying and stocking lost darts.

NoDart system takes a lot less time to seal up and track a well. Pumpers and haulers are now able to reach more wells in less time then the current antiquated process in place today.