“Several times in the past we have thought that we were running out of gas, whereas actually we were only running out of ideas.”
– Adapted from Parke A. Dickey by American Potential Gas Committee

NoDarts are new, low cost, “all-in-one” darts with an attached seal that can secure the locking plate on any sized valve. The darts also come with a free, patented, bar code mobile app that helps speed up tracking time, eliminates errors, saves money, and ensures compliance.

We are pleased to introduce an all-in-one system that tags wells and holding tanks faster, more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The NoDart System is a ground-level solution and a foundation for a high functioning industry.

Jerry Gahr, the C.E.O. VF Petroleum in Midland Texas is on location to demonstrate the NoDart System’s ease of use.

If darts are the problem, NoDart System is the solution. Made of a rugged new polymer, a NoDart System can withstand extreme weather and temperatures from -40 to +220° Fahrenheit. Each seal contains UV protection. Some wells may be resealed several times a day, while others may be resealed once a year—so our seals are made to last, whether in heavy use or dormancy. NoDart Seals have been tested and are uniquely designed to undergo torsion, shock, compression and shearing forces without failing. A NoDart Seal fits universally to any oil or gas well—one and done!

James A. Cole

Chairman of the Board

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James F. Holmes

Chief Executive Officer

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