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NoDart Security Seals are used to securely seal a variety of industries such as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Transportation, Industrial and Shipping Containers. NoDart security seals include pre-assigned unique serial numbers or matching bar codes and numbers to be used with either the NoDart Mobile APP or the customers own ticketing/tracking system. NoDart System Mobile APP tracks the install and removal of your security seal and sends a compliance report fast and efficient.

Our NoDart Seal products are designed to be used one-time.


NODART SYSTEM – Security Seals



All-in-one Seal vs Traditional Seal & Dart Combo

NoDart All-in-one Seal:

  • *All-in-one seal (no dart required)
  • *Free Mobile Tracking
  • Unique Tracking Number/Barcode
  • Universal Sizing
  • Low cost

* Patent Pending

Tradition Dart & Seal:

  • Dart sold separately – Cost $15 to $30
  • Metal Strap (Seal) sold separately – Cost .10 – .30¢
  • Cons:
    • Dart tabs break
    • Dart lost in the field
    • Must carry multiple size darts for seals
    • Dart cost is high


Step 1 – Install Seal

A unique tracking number is preprinted on the flat stem of the NoDart Seal. This code automates record keeping of serial numbers and eliminates human error.

Step 2 – Capture Seal #

The no-dart app makes the no-dart system intelligent convenient and responsive. The app takes a picture of the seal removal or deployment to turn the process into data. App captures: time and date stamp, geolocation, photo proof, seal #, operator info and more.

Step 3 – Send Data via App

The seal’s serial number is recorded and confirmed, then embedded along with operators details and the geolocation into a exchangeable image file format (exif) then sent to the home office data centre.


FREE SAMPLES of “NoDart Zip” & “NoDart Snap” security seals.

Seal Specs


  • Lightweight Rugged polymer
  • Withstands temperatures from -40 to +220° Fahrenheit
  • Contains UV protection
  • Tested for torsion, shock, compression and shearing forces
  • Universal sizing

Compliance Assurance

  • FREE Mobile APP
  • Seal is Quick & Simple to Install
  • Safer Handling (no sharp metal)
  • Driver Details Tracked
  • Geolocation Tracked
  • Barcode Number Tracking
  • Automates Records
  • Thorough Safety Reports
  • Tamper Proof Seal
  • Compliant Lockout Tagout Seal

BLM Code of Federal Regulations
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Tamper Proof Security Seals – Tank Farms, Crude Haulers, Holding Tanks, Wellsites